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My Mission

"My goal is to educate and assist people in finding sustainable ways to eat in order to reach their goals..."

Take the time to improve your nutrition and become the best version of yourself.

How It Works


Sign Up

Sign up and then fill out a form to help your coach get to know you


set up

Once your coach receives your info form, you will receive personalized macros or habit-tracking goals. Set yourself up for success by reviewing the information provided to you. 


stay consistent

Update your coach each week through weekly check-ins and trust the process. Stay consistent and results will add up fast!

Services Offered


What You Get

  • Customized Macros

  • Basic information on how to track macros

  • Constant contact via messaging with your coach 

  • Weekly check-ins 

  • Recipes/Meal Ideas



3 Month Commitment

  • Gain a better understanding of what macros are and how to track them

  • Find an approach to eating that is appropriate for your lifestyle 

  • Fill in the blanks to help create a plan that works best for you

NUTRITION COACHING + (3 slots available)

What You Get

  • Ultimate accountability 

  • Daily check-ins with a "hold your hand" mentality to guide you thru improving your health and reaching your goals 

  • Weekly zoom calls to help with:

    • meal planning

    • goal setting

    • progress updates 


What You Get

  • Phone call from a coach to discuss your personal goals 

  • Personalized macros 

  • Information on how to track your food, recipe ideas, and more!




What You Get

  • A step-by-step guide to improving your nutrition and dietary habits 

  • New goals to focus on each week

  • Advice on how to build sustainable habits 

  • Flexibility to focus on each goal at your own pace


Jess Kuhlman

Over the last five years I have gone through a variety of 'diets' and styles of eating. This lead me to pursue an M.S. in Exercise Science and Nutrition allowing me to gain even more knowledge on how food can affect performance, body composition, and overall health. Additionally, the more I learn the more I realize how much unreliable and false information is available for people regarding diets and nutrition. My goal is to help educate people and assist them in finding sustainable ways to eat while reaching their goals; whether that be weight loss, improved sports performance, or overall health. 


Jessica Kuhlman (Head Coach: Dedicate Nutrition): ACSM C-EP, Pn1, M.S. ExSci & Nutrition

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